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Today's Prayer Requests:
Bobby Bartley for salvation
My aunts, Linda Marble and Louise Fairchild, are in desperate need of a miraculous healing and salvation. Linda is on life support. Please pray for our family. - Jana McVay
Pray for Norma’s brother Hector. Needs special healing in Jesus Name - Bob
Request prayer for Alex Abarca, has Covid & been in hospital for 2 weeks and now in ICU. Doctors dont give much hope. Only our God can heal him.
Jordan and Chris's 5-year old daughter died. The parents are devastated. She was on 24-hour care since birth. This was their only child. They need our prayers.
Debbie Gutman is requesting prayer for Rev. Marv and his wife Joy. Both are in the hospital with Covid.
For Bro James Wang. Still in the hospital and needs a miracle of healing!