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Today's Prayer Requests:
Julie Jarmin, Pastor's wife in N.C., heart attack...
Pray for Antonia: she's in the hospital awaiting possible cancer, ucler or tumor diagnosis
Bobby Bartley for salvation.
Bro. Socrates (Peru) for healing.
David Sandoval for Salvation
Jeremy Kennedy needs a miracle!
Please pray for Paula. She has a blood clot and is in need of healing. Also, pray for her family: Ruben, Paloma, Ruben Jr, Geo, and Kevin.
Please pray for Brian, a security guard at Riverside Community Hospital.
Please pray for Richard Pierce for healing.
Pray for Eric Marxer for healing.
Please pray for Sis. Dominguez for complete healing.
Please pray for Sis. Tiffany Wells for complete healing.
Special unspoken
Unspoken - Willie Harris
Please pray for Marcella and her baby: the baby is not eating. She's currently in the hospital. She is one of the managers that I work with.
Praying for salvation for my family.
Robert Valdez has heart problems
Louis Moore has cancer & needs a miracle.
Please pray for Michael to be healed from the flu
Please pray for Sis. Sandy Zientek's loved ones for salvation.
Robert Darnall