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Today's Prayer Requests:
Please continue praying for my family. Thanks! - Bro Elijah Robinson
Premier Study Bible Project
God's will in buying a home and selling current home.-Mark McVay
God’s perfect will to take place, specifically the near future! Bro. Alex
Healing and salvation for my daughter Renee
Troy Salzer & Family’s salvation above all!! They also have a silent request to pray for.
For recovery for Roland Sr. from a heart attack -Terry Torsu
Sonia for salvation (visited Sunday)
Please continue to pray for my children and grandchildren’s salvation- Sis. Jody Bernard
For all of the children that have ridden our buses and especially those that have received the Holy Ghost that God would complete the work in their lives.
Please pray For guests to get connected to the body of Christ and for our members to continue to have enough grace to reach for them!
Please keep Sis. Natalie Saldana in prayer.
Bobby Bartley- Salvation Mooree Curry- Salvation
Alvin Davis-knee replacement
Rev Jesse Parker & Premier Bible Project