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Today's Prayer Requests:
Prayer for Dr. Perry Guthrie to be healed of mild version of Covid. Bro. Terry.
Pray for my cousin Arnold from New Mexico: they found a tumor on the back of his head..running test today ..need healing in his body.
They decided to do surgery on Arnold in the morning to remove the tumor. Needs prayer. -Sister Monica V.
Pray for sister Jeannie: she's in pain from her back. Needs healing in her back and her nerves.
Please continue to pray for my family during this painful time. Also for my brother's two children 13 and 10. Thank you! Sis Myisha
Salvation for Dr. Perry Guthrie. Bro. Terry.
Pray for Concepcion Alcala who is sick with Covid.
Please pray for Marcos, Sis. Erica Hardin's father-in-law.
Bobby Bartley for salvation
Audrey Lopez and family, Ashley Crouch and family for salvation