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Today's Prayer Requests:
Crystal - Salvation and that God would soften her heart.
Rev. Jesse Parker, Family & Church
Special unspoken for healing
Bobby Bartley for Salvation
Please pray for my sister Blanca she was in a bad car accident. She’s in surgery at the trauma hospital in Fresno CA. Thank you for all your prayers. Sis. Norma Lee
Unspoken prayer requests, for Bob and Norma Lee
Praying for God’s Guidance, Direction, Wisdom, Will and Strength in this transition in my life. Asking for God to wrap me in humility and Holy Ghost boldness. To make my heart and soul beautiful, to mold me into the woman of God He calls me to be.
Salvation for Frank Myers, Donna Myers and Jory Hawkins - also an unspoken request. Sis Jonelle Hawkins
For God to help us reach all the bus kids!
For God to touch the bus kids that ride the bus. And also for God to bring a revival of new bus kids. -Gracie Tirado
Bobby Bartley for Salvation
pray for my familys salvation -Beto Diaz
Please pray for Joe Marquez' Mom and Dad, Daniel and Lupe.
Debbie Gutman's kids, Rachel and Francie Marshall
Please pray for Beatriz Farias' family and marriage.
Please pray for Sis. Rosalinda's husband. He is on dialysis and in need of healing.
Please pray for my family and our government. -Antrey Marshawna
Please pray for my daughter's pregnancy. - Carmen Cruz
Please pray for my health, and that my children will draw near to God, especially my son. - Barbara Melgar
That God would heal my knees. -Diane Isbarle
Please pray for Pat Rueffe for healing.
Please pray for Linda Bocanegra's daughter Christina. That God bless her relationship with her son and bring her back home to the church.
Please pray for Alex. He has been diagnosed with cancer. -Christina Hernandez
Please pray for my daughter Stephanie Fuerte. -Maria Noemi
Please pray for Stephanie Tuttle for salvation.
Please pray for my family for peace and healing. -Annie Alstott
Please pray for Abdallah Makhoul for healing.
Please pray for Sabrina Gomez and for her children.
Please pray for Juan and Rita for comfort upon the passing of a family member.
For Stephanie Alcantara for guidance back to God.
Please pray that God would comfort the Perez Family. -Maria Hernandez
Please pray for Ariana, (14-years old) healing. She has cancer in the brain and is stage four.
Please pray for Stan's wife Carmen! She is recovering from cancer surgery.