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Today's Prayer Requests:
Maurice Carmon- needs healing in his leg without the need of surgery.
Sis Samantha Banks, 31 yr old mother, Mississippi, healing from Cancer...
Prayers for Roxann, has Cancer. Sis. Trish met on 9/10/19 & prayed for her in parking lot of her Condo. Raising two little boys alone.
Prayers 🙏 for Sis. Princesa Morgan for Complete Healing‼️ Thank you, Sis. Trish
Pls. Pray for Cristina & Michael Sellers for God’s touch & hand on their lives. Thank you. Sis. Angel Duran
Prayers 🙏 for Co-worker, Brittany Contreras for Salvation; Healing & Special needs in her life. Thank you, Sis. Trish 😊
Pray for Lorraine Hernandez & family for Salvation. From phone ministry, came to Easter Drama. Tnx you, Sis. Trish
Pray 🙏 for Jessica Luna & family, met at store on Father’s Day. Looking for a church, but still hasn’t made it to ILC. Following up. Tnx you, Sis. Trish 👍🏼
Please pray for Pam Richardson's sisters. Both are in need of healing.
Bobby Bartley for salvation
Plead pray for a hedge around Michael this weekend until he comes home.
Pray for John, that he finds his way back to church.
Bobby Bartley for salvation
Andrew Lewis asked for prayer. (Phone Outreach)